Americans For The Arts

I was asked to write about the Terwillegar Park Sculpture Installation for the organization : Americans for The Arts.  Please go and read and let me know what you think.  It is the best thing that I have ever made and during the most challenging of life events and periods of heavy commitments;  Just like some of the best work by many other artists.

I have less and less faith in the power of words to describe important things these days.  There are just so many words coming at us all of the time and other languages have better words than we have. I am beginning to feel as if one might need to learn all of the languages that a human can communicate with in order to be able to most effectively transfer feelings and meaning using word.  But learn a colour pallet well, or a proportional sensitivity....learn to use weight or texture or strength of material, and sometimes humans can feel something that is really beyond the scope of words.  I think art can carry real connotations about events and issues, but I also think those things beyond the literal speak directly to our soul.  I would like to speak to people who have a great need for that.  I would like to speak to that without using words, ...and so I do.  Or at least I try in my own humble way.